Paris Lift-Off 2017 – Shorts programme 2

Shorts programme 2

Tuesday 31st October, 6.45 - 8.45pm
@ Le Lucernaire, 53 Rue Notre Dame des Champs, 75006 Paris, France


The Past We Live In
Dir. Jerome Weber
Luxembourg | 15 mins
Félix celebrates his 92nd birthday in the company of his family, as his past catches up with him. “The Past We Live In” is the story of a former forcibly recruited WWII soldier, who now suffers from dementia and relives an emotional friendship by confusing his 7-year old nephew with an old friend from the second world war.


Dir. Justine Raczkiewicz
USA | 16 mins
Roger lives a grim and detached life, picking up medical waste for a living, but looks forward to his evening conversations with his quirky roommate and foodie, Olive. But as the meals become increasingly strange, and push the limits of curiousity, Roger must ask himself how far he will go for love?


My Father's Land
Dir. Muriel Aboulrouss
Lebanon | 15 mins
Mazraat Bani Saab is a village in north Lebanon. In this film the elders of the village share their memories and love for the land as a last "Will" for the generations to come.


Dir. Jeffig Le Bars
Germany | 15 mins
A little girl awakes in a ruined smoking limbo-like world. Chased by ghostly monsters, she rides a friendly horse, companion in misfortune, to try and escape these frozen lands.


State of Emergency
Dir. Tarek Roehlinger
France/Germany | 13 mins
Omar is a soldier, securing an official building in Paris, he becomes paranoid because he can’t differ between the daily routine of a city and a danger of terrorism almost omnipresent.


Him & Her
Dir. Mohamed A Mohamed
UK | 5 mins
Do you ever get that feeling of knowing someone from somewhere when you first meet them? Him & Her focuses on that inexplicable Deja-Vu feeling of meeting someone for the first time.


Train to Peace
Dirs. Jakob Weyde, Jost Althoff
Germany | 10 mins
The sound of the Berlin subway takes a stranger back to the history of his country – Iraq– where peace is rare and happiness only comes as a guest.


ALL of me
Dir. Daphne Schmon
UK | 15 mins
Viv, a talented musician, faces late stage Leukemia that threatens the life she's built. Her best hope is a bone marrow transplant from her estranged family, but reconnecting means confronting a difficult past.

After each film there will be a 2 minute break, during which we invite the audience to complete score cards. The cards go towards the scoring of the films and are sent directly to the filmmakers to provide insight into the audiences response.

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