Paris Lift-Off Film Festival 2020 - Network Round Features

Friday 13th November - Sunday 22th November


A Year in a Village
Dir. Petr Smělík
Czech Republic
Logline: What it's like to live in a village in modern times.
The focus of this story is on 12-year-old Vojta and his father Danek, who are both into beekeeping and on Vojta`s 16-year-old cousin Anetka, who is preparing for her first participation in “hody” celebration, and of their grandmother Bohuška.Even though a part of the documentary features the traditional feast called “hody”, the aim is not to describe the event itself, but to understand how the characters feel about being a part of it and how it influences them.
What it's like living in a village in South Moravia, the Czech Republic?


Born Just Now
Dir. Robert Adanto
Logline: A sensitive, steadfast Belgrade-based visionary struggles to cope with the abuse and violence that ended an eight-year marriage. Through provocative acts of endurance exploring intimacy, motherhood and the trauma of the Balkan wars, artist Marta Jovanović seeks to confront, release and liberate her own pain in the name of art. Robert Adanto's BORN JUST NOW is an intimate look at a charismatic woman, a brilliant outlier, who dares to live on her own terms.


By the Grace of...
Dir. Dylan Reid
Logline: An autobiographical film about the director testing positive for Huntington’s disease.


Haiti Speaks
Dir. Ashley Ellis
Logline: Haiti Speaks follows a team of doctors from The Gift of Sight, an American non-profit that takes an annual medical mission trip to Haiti, to document their work operating on hundreds of patients in the span of a week. This trip, however, is different. It comes just 100 days after “The Event”, the 7.0 earthquake that wiped out so much of the nation and its people in 2010. Now everyone has a story to tell. The Event has touched everyone and left them to consider what the future of Haiti may be.


Dir. Julian Filigno
Logline: A sensational crime story is at the center of three disconnected narratives: a self-destructive driver, a violent family of three, and the relationship between a quiet warehouse worker and her boss.


The Visit
Dir. Marc Grandsard
Logline: In October 2018, a group of French Jews, formerly hidden as children during the Holocaust in France, visited the Auschwitz – Birkenau concentration camp.


Dir. Jakub Charon
Logline: Totem tells the story of two brothers involved in a drug deal that leads to tragic consequences. Savage wants to work his way up the criminal ladder. His role model is his brother Igor, the boss of a gang that plays a major role in town, who doesn't let Savage join his group.
Savage's girlfriend is a prostitute. During a meeting with her clients, she is raped. She decides to take revenge on her pimp by telling Savage all the details of a drug deal that the man is involved in.

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