Paris Lift-Off Film Festival 2021 - Network Round Shorts

Monday 15th November - Monday 22nd November


मेरा भाई_My Brother
Dir. Shreela Agarwal
Logline: Ram, an undocumented Indian-Muslim immigrant is working in the cemetery alongside a young, illegal Indonesian immigrant trying to make ends meet in Singapore. Suddenly, the police arrive.


Snámh (Swim)
Dir. Lee William Williamson
Logline: Colm Daly, a 70yr old open water swimming veteran, tells us of his fifty years experience and passion for Irish water.


Dir. Thibault Cadentem
Logline: The film takes place in Biarritz, in the south of France. It's the beginning of summer and holidaymakers are everywhere. Ryan, Dylan and Armand, young local surfers are confronted with this new population which they don't like. After several violent altercations with tourists, their evening will turn to tragedy when they illegally enter the villas of rich parisians ...


Dir. Jimmy Larouche
Logline: After two years away, Marie comes back to Montreal for a last day with her former lover Eric. Would their strange sens of humor and unique chemistry be enough to give love a second chance?


Dir. Kilian Thomas
Logline: Matthieu and Alexanne are living the perfect love story. But while the idyll of the first days gives way to routine, Alexanne gradually becomes aware of her condition...


Valley of the Wolf
Dirs. Antonio Valerio Frascella, Lamia Sabic, Gabriela Forfotӑ
Logline: Down in the valley, towards the end of a life, the memories and dreams mingle with the stars.


Nuria Mallena: Thing of Mine
Dirs. Suzana Thomaz, Mayara Lepre
Logline: Thing of Mine is a music film of the brazilian singer Nuria Mallena, based on the original French-Brazilian song by songwriters Nuria Mallena and Suzana Thomaz, who also sign the direction and the photography of the film. It follows the story of a young couple. She is Italian, he is Brazilian. In Paris, where they live together, life is full of joy. Until the day this long awaited letter arrives, announcing an imminent departure. What will the consequences be? Thing of Mine is a story about encounters, sharing, hope, and after all, about a love craving to overcome all the struggles of life.


Dirs. Yoshi Kuremura
Logline:  A small port town in the Japanese countryside: Saori, a hairdresser, dreams of big city life in Tokyo. Yokochin, a reluctant rapper, searches for his voice. Kyoko, a femme fatale DJ, is obsessed with her 60’s radio show. One fateful night will change their lives.


Dir. Raúl A. Rodríguez
Logline: Shortly after his father's death, Ismael attends a group therapy session. There he’ll meet a person that could change the way he sees his grief and even his life.


House Slaughter
Dir. Thomas Peck
Logline: Two newly acquainted college friends looking for a place to live find the ultimate deal; a cheap living arrangement in a large, industrial house. The only downside is the strange, older roommate and his pet cat. As they learn more about the history of the house, strange things begin to happen in this psychological horror comedy, with deep environmental messages. Production was a collaboration between the United States, England, Wales, France, and Kenya.
Shot under shelter in place

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