Paris Lift-Off Film Festival 2022 - Network Round Features

Friday 11th November - Friday 18th November


Dir. Tristan Holmes
South Africa
Logline: The Fragile King tells the story of an older white man, Gerald King, who is closer to death than life who gets dumped with his 15 -year-old grandson, when the child's mother dies in a drunken car crash. The boy, who barely knows this old man, is shocked into a new reality when he is dumped in Gerald’s flat in Durban by social services. The film pays homage to the filmmaker’s grandfather.


Dir. Alexi Liotti
Logline: British Columbia's Old Growth forests are virgin forests, untouched since the last ice age. They represent one of the last lines of defence against climate change, and contain scientific properties we barely understand - yet mismanagement and greed have left less than 2.6% of them standing. Only one of hundreds of valleys (outside of parks) remains entirely uncut on Vancouver Island - Fairy Creek (Ada'itsx). An indigenous led movement to prevent the cutting of this last Old Growth watershed has now become Canada's largest act of civil disobedience, and the government response has been alarming.


Cameroon ma petite ville
Dir. Malka Shabtay
Logline: An auto-ethnography of an anthropologist's journey in Cameroon of 21 years ago...
Diverse and colorful Cameroon in pictures and sounds as a living experience of an anthropologist who is traveling and working throughout this country.And a lifelong love that is present throughout the film. Local man women and children, and one princess presenting her model of African feminism. And the various positions of the anthropologist in three months that became "full life in the personal and professional levels".


Dir. Jean-Louis Uzan
Logline: A trip around the world could be any one's dream, right? Except when one is a fugitive in the midst of an existential crisis, like me. A schizophrenic Hollywood screenwriter who has seen to many movies is searching for murder.


Dir. Leonid Leontev
Russian Federation
Logline: The elder brother of a famous soccer player is left without a contract with the team and goes to Turkey for a preview. At the same time with his sports career he develops his brand, dedicated to his favorite game. Finally, the contract is signed, and he can relax and move to a new country, to a new city. The arrival of best friend and business partner acts as a litmus test, showing his true desires.

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