Paris Lift-Off Film Festival 2023 - Network Round Features

Wednesday 27th September - Wednesday 4th October


Happen to Happen
Dir. Julie Joohee Jeon
Logline: Follow Noori's journey as she tries to return her friend, Sena's cat, Tori, in this adventurous and heartwarming tale. Things take an unexpected turn when Noori mistakenly hops into a driving school car instead of a taxi, leaving her stranded in an unfamiliar town. From losing her phone and credit card in a sewer to spending a night in an old van, Noori encounters numerous obstacles on her way to delivering Tori to Sena's aunt. Along the way, she discovers a newfound appreciation for the feline and even opens up her heart to Tori's affectionate nature. But will Noori's efforts be in vain when she discovers that Sena's aunt has no interest in Tori? Join Noori on her emotional journey as she embarks on a mission to reunite Tori with her rightful owner./em>


Jigeen Ni, la voie des femmes
Dir. Adrien Cotonat
Logline: "These women" is the Wolof word for "Jigeen Ni". This is the name that five young Senegalese women have chosen to give to their 100% female orchestra. They say that they draw a deep joy, a vital energy, a freedom of being that they want to communicate. And despite the difficulties they have to overcome to make this artistic practice part of their daily lives, despite the prejudices they face, they say they are not ready to give up!


Velocity Girl
Dir. Scott Leisk
Logline: After her mother is sent to jail, Chloe, a rebellious, troubled teen from the city, is forced to live with her estranged family in a small country town.


Dir. Jun Akiyama
Logline: On her 32nd birthday, musical actor Yukina Yoshinaga (Hana Ranno) is proposed to by her boyfriend, Masato (Naoyuki Fernandez), at a restaurant in Roppongi. They have been together for four years. They have been together for four years, and everyone around them seems to think that they are in love with each other. However, Yukina refuses his proposal, returns the ring, and runs out into the night. She found herself wandering the streets. She left her bag, jacket, and even her phone behind. The Tokyo Tower was glowing orange.
The color of my clothes is not the color of Tokyo Tower. Nor is it the color of vermillion paint."


Covid Release
Dir. Eric Nemoto
Logline: Five men being considered for early release from prison due to an outbreak of COVID in the prisoner population, must attend a Zoom meeting and receive a positive recommendation from a woman psychologist in order to be paroled, and in doing so they endure a brutal counseling session which forces them to confront their abusive ways.

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