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Lift-Off Global Network is a community of filmmakers spanning the entire globe. Based at the world famous Pinewood Studios where the likes of Bond, Star Wars, and countless other blockbuster franchises have been and continue to be filmed. We are in the heart of the film industry and we invite businesses, music artists, and professionals to utilise our network of producers to create exciting and original content for their brand.

We have everything from the dark and twisted to the inspirational and breathtaking. Our filmmakers are award winning artists, and they are ready to create content that packs a punch, inspires generations, and delivers your message with a unique and original touch.

The world for an indie filmmaker is a tough one, to say the least, paying the bills, making ends meet is difficult. This is why we have created this site to our network, a business plan that supports our artists in helping them to create commercial work, expand their talent, provide exceptional value whilst also earning a living. We only work with filmmakers who understand the needs of the commercial market, and our producers have extensive experience in advertising, music videos and corporate production.