Lift-Off Sessions - April 2020 - Programme 2

Scores as of 12th April 2020, 10:00am (BST)

The Doors Between Us

Dir. Paulo Pereira 

1st place

Let me in

Dir. Paulo Pereira 

2nd place


 Dir. Fiona Chapbell and Ella Exley

3rd place

Catch A Rat

Dir. Ronan Burke

4th place

Pinstriped Rose

Dir. Sacharissa Claxton

5th place

Summary & the rest of the votes are as follows...

The Doors Between Us

1st place, 32 votes

Let me in

2nd place, 31 votes 


 3rd place, 18 votes

Catch a Rat

4th place, 16 votes

Pinstriped Rose

5th place, 15 votes

Domino Effect 14
Buzz 14
The End 9
Music Box 8
Validity 7

Fizzy Boys 7

Last Game 5
My Dad Marie 5
The Bite 5
The Miner 5

Enclosure 4
An Innocent Man 4

Rouge 4

Nowhere 3
Face 3

Little Marie 3
De Vloer is Lava 3
Take My Hand 3
Mess 3
On Sight 3

Slow Burning 2
Hothead 2

where is it 2
Exodus 2
Digital noise 2
On The Run 2
Heika - You were so ahead of your time 2
Cheat Sheet 2
Munich 1936 2
Tash Bulo (Tough Family) 2
Group Chat 2
Grandad :lost in translation 2
Behind The Mask 2
A Portrait of SOLITUDE 2

PLUM - Locked Down 1
10 Knots 1
Glossary Broadcaster 1
Opposite 1
Bad Habit Or The Temptation of Being Alone 1
Moonshine: A Song of Two Humans 1
Eye 1
Today 1
The tea at the bottom of the teapot 1
Portrait of Solitude 1
Miss Izolenta 1
The Penis 1
#MeThree 1
for you! 1
Dreams of a Forest 1

Other Scores

The 5 films with the highest number of votes go through to the next round. In the event of a tie (for example if there are two films in joint first place), there is no second place. In the event of the festival ending on a tie, such as 3 films all ending in joint 5th place, all 8 films will go through.

After this initial Crowd Round of the festival, the top five voted films from both pages will be rated by Lift-Off's Official Judges who will go further in-depth and score the films based on multiple aspects.

The winning filmmaker will receive an official selection for a live screening at an upcoming Lift-Off Film Festival.

The top 3 voted finalists will join us for a Director's Commentary on our YouTube Channel.

All Lift-Off Sessions semi-finalists will receive free Intermediate Lift-Off Membership.

Voting will end 10pm (BST) Sunday 19th April.

The winner will be announced the week commencing 27th April.