Singapore Lift-Off Film Festival

Singapore is a singular city state, and one of the richest countries in the world. Often referred to as a European City slap bang in the middle of South East Asia, it is as modern as it is beautiful - with a diverse and cultural vain. As the Lift-Off Network grows, it becomes more and more prudent for our filmmakers to have their work shown in some of the best markets on the planet. Singapore is home to millions of would be executive producers looking to build connections within the film industry through the exciting investment in talent, that only financing a movie could bring.

Screen your work out here with us and help build your potential future projects.

Our move to Singapore is a move to bring our filmmakers the best possible chance of building their career through private funding and investment opportunities outside of the obvious Cannes, Hollywood and Middle Eastern over-stationed and over-saturated channels.

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Filmmakers and script writers may submit to the Lift-Off Global Film Festivals via either one of our two submission partners. Both have varying levels of fees they charge us and fees they charge you. This reflects on the respective costs per submission. Each festival is at different stages of deadlines, with the event dates spread throughout the year, please take your pick...

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Singapore Lift-Off has deadlines spread throughout the year, month by month.