Sydney Lift-Off 2017 – Quartet of Featurettes

Quartet of Featurettes

Tuesday 21st November, 9.15 - 11.15pm
@ Dendy Cinemas, 261-263 King St, Newtown NSW 2042, Australia


Dir. Ali Kalthami
Saudi Arabia | 34 mins
Wasati is based on true events that happened during a play in Riyadh 10 years ago. The play was called 'Wasati bela Wastiah' which roughly translates to 'A Moderate Without a Middle-Ground,' where a group of extremists attacked the theater and the play was shut down. That story shook the society and it was all over the news. The film addresses that event and retells the story from a different point of view.


Passion Gap
Dirs. Matt Portman, Jason Donald
South Africa | 20 mins
Elani survived her brutal childhood by carefully watching people. Now she plans to use her relationship with Mikey to get out of Cape Town for good. All she has to do is manage his ego for one more night, but the seeds of violence were planted in her early on.


Regarde - LOOK (Grammare)
Dir. Charles Grammare
France | 25 mins
While Emma finds the sight by the creation of a new scientific invention, her confrontation with the world of the clairvoyants does not take place as seen meadow.


Dir. Caleb Slain
USA | 25 mins
Beaten and bloody, Marco emerges from the night upon a solitary desert homestead. After being cleaned up by its kindly owner, a pitch-black secret hurls them into uncertainty. DEMON is a cinematic one-act play, lit entirely by full moon and natural fire.

After each film there will be a 2 minute break, during which we invite the audience to complete score cards. The cards go towards the scoring of the films and are sent directly to the filmmakers to provide insight into the audiences response.

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