Sydney Lift-Off 2017 – Shorts programme 1

Shorts programme 1

Monday 20th November, 9.00 - 11.00pm
@ Dendy Cinemas, 261-263 King St, Newtown NSW 2042, Australia


My Father's Land
Dir. Muriel Aboulrouss
Lebanon | 15 mins
Mazraat Bani Saab is a village in north Lebanon. In this film the elders of the village share their memories and love for the land as a last "Will" for the generations to come.


The Accomplice
Dirs. John F. Beach, Jon Hoeg
USA | 8 mins
Arriving home from a long business trip, Jerry discovers a number of urgent messages on his answering machine from his impulsive and inept friend, Randy. Much to his surprise, Jerry is now an unwilling participant in one of Randy's boneheaded schemes.


Dir. Roozbeh Misaghi
Iran/ UK | 15 mins
The discovery of a mysterious black box in a small remote village in Iran causes turmoil among the villagers. According to a public announcement, it is promised to make the finder of the box prosperous.


Sametime "Where the Wind Blows"
Dirs. Luke & Brando
Australia | 4 mins
Music Video for Sametime's "Where the Wind Blows". Intercutting performance of Sametime performing the track on a cliff's edge overlooking the ocean, with the story of two young brothers who venture forth into the world to arrive at that same cliff to build a DIY hang glider and fly it off the cliff and into the unknown.


Dir. Karim Kassem
Lebanon | 10 mins
A 14 year old boy has lost his father due to a heart attack, and is left alone to care for his sick grandmother. The grieving boy's subconscious is depicted through magical realist imagery which appears to show him spending a day with his deceased father.


Dir. Andreas Feix
Germany | 7 mins
After being subjected to a cataclysmic meteorite impact, a small dinosaur attempts to battle the horrific aftermath both physically & psychologically. A tale about life, death & rebirth, told from a unique, prehistoric perspective..


Second Tier City
Dirs. Matthew Moroz, Xia Han
Canada/China| 9 mins
Everyone is familiar with term ‘Made In China’, and everyone knows many of the products throughout their house are from China but we rarely get to see where these products come from or hear from the people involved..


Kakkmaddafakka - Lilac
Dir. Carlín Díaz
France | 3 mins
Two strangers spent a special day in Bergen. After that, with no way to contact each other, they will meet again in their memories..


Dir. Luke Perisin
USA | 13 mins
Firefighter Gabriel Biggs is a good man with a tough job. He loves his family as much as his job, but lets the stresses of both impact his judgment. While he struggles to keep his relationship with his wife Samantha strong, he confides in his best friend Bruno and relies on his fellow fire personnel for support. When he sees a family in need, he feels compelled to stand up for what he believes is right even if it means risking his life.


One man's fortune
Dir. Jeremias Nussbaum
France | 9 mins
A couple sees a therapist for the first time. When the therapist learns about their unusual problem, his world crumbles. Do we really know what happiness and misery are?

After each film there will be a 2 minute break, during which we invite the audience to complete score cards. The cards go towards the scoring of the films and are sent directly to the filmmakers to provide insight into the audiences response.

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