First-Time Filmmakers Collection

Thursday 22nd November, 9.00pm - 10.30pm
@ Fox Studios Australia, Building 16, 38 Driver Ave, Moore Park NSW 2021


To be a Warrior
Dir. James Buckingham
Australia | 9 mins
Synopsis: Our lead character is constantly assuring us that he is a warrior. That he is not to be messed with. But reality tells a different story. His elderly neighbour hates him, people in the street show him no respect, he can't even order his morning coffee without being slighted. Luckily, 'Warrior' has begun to escape his daily struggle by slipping into a fantasy world where he extracts violent and gruesome revenge on those who wrong him. He just needs to be careful it stays a fantasy.


Dirs. Emma Blakey, Jason Lance David
Australia | 17 mins
Synopsis: SKIN is a fantasy drama based on Celtic folklore of selkies, seals that can shed their fur and walk ashore as humans. Ilias, a lonely fisherman stumbles upon a group of selkies dancing and celebrating in their human forms on land. After accidentally startling the group, they grab their furs and return to the water. Left alone and scared is a beautiful selkie woman who is unable to find her fur, therefore cannot return to the sea. Being taken in by Ilias, a romantic relationship quickly forms. Although the two develop a sense of love and companionship, they both have different understandings of each other leading them both to experience their ultimate fate.


Dir. Robert Bremner
Australia | 7 mins
Synopsis: A phone call from a distressed Beth alerts farmer Michael to some disturbing news; There's been an incident, and Michael is responsible.


After Silence
Dir. Peter Kalos
Australia | 8 mins
Synopsis: A man on the edge, confronts the life he should have lived.


The Sound of Love
Dir. Alex Richter
Australia | 11 mins
Synopsis: Hubert, a shy introverted inventor creates a device to make himself sound exactly like a famous silver screen actor, in hopes of winning the heart of his neighbour, Sally.


Dark Horses
Dir. Jessica Lytton
Australia | 11 mins
Synopsis: Dark Horses is the Story of two strangers who are thrown together by an unfortunate mistake, and their journey from foe to friend.


A Little More Conversation
Dir. Maddi Fitzmaurice
Australia | 5 mins
Synopsis: Terry- who has long been crippled by social anxiety- has finally met his perfect girl... But nothing is ever as it seems.


Dir. Catherine Bonny
Australia | 15 mins
Synopsis: Struggling to survive life in a colony on a foreign planet, a young woman is drawn to the ocean by a sinister creature that promises to help her, but at a terrifying cost.


After each film there will be a minute-long break, during which we invite the audience to complete scorecards. The cards go towards the scoring of the films and are sent directly to the filmmakers to provide insight into the audience's response.

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