Local Filmmakers Showcase

Friday 23rd November, 8.30pm - 10.00pm
@ Fox Studios Australia, Building 16, 38 Driver Ave, Moore Park NSW 2021


The Intentions of F. Scott Fitzgerald
Dirs. Jay Perry, Shaun Perry
Australia | 17 mins
Synopsis: “The Intentions of F. Scott Fitzgerald” is a dark existentialist comedy that follows two Australian hitmen on a routine 'clean up' job. Whilst in a meaningful conversation about the Great Gatsby the two find themselves in a panic as their victim makes a run for it.


Tag! You're It
Dir. Criss Gidas
Australia | 12 mins
Synopsis: Based on a true story, a high school team's star rugby player witnesses the sexual assault of his best friend and is threatened with silence or lose his chance with the national team.


Rock Bottom
Dirs. Tristan Klein & Nick Baker
Australia | 8 mins
Synopsis: Welcome to Rock Bottom - a filthy underground bar, full of filthy underground bugs.


Dir. Spencer Frost
Australia | 5 mins
Synopsis: A Cinematic Short Film celebrating the life of a man called Bob. Throughout his entire life he's always put the ocean first, which has lead to him being homeless and living in a van. But he loves the ocean and his life as much as ever, and of course, still surfs every day. Sadly, A year after making this film Bob passed away surfing his local wave that he's based his life around. So this is a testament to the amazing and unique life he lived.


A Hive
Dir. Christina Crawford
Australia | 12 mins
Synopsis: A Hive is a short psychological drama centred around the inevitable cycles of life and death. Infatuated by the insects she works with, Evie, young beekeeper and recluse, questions the nature of free will in a universe that seems much simpler than her own. When confronted by her mother's illness, Evie must accept the repercussions of her own choices and come to terms with the reality of her past.


Dir. Imogen McCluskey
Australia | 4 mins
Synopsis: ‘Savannah’ is the debut music video from Sydney-based artist Ivy-Jane Browne, in collaboration with Fat Salmon Productions. Dark synth-pop with ‘Under the Skin’ vibes, the video tells the story of a woman with dark power over men, and in turn their power over her. They are her prisoners and captors, her shadows and obsessions, her victory and her downfall, her prize and her punishment.


Here is Now
Dir. Anita Lee
Australia | 17 mins
Synopsis: A woman struggles to leave her husband, the day he throws her a surprise birthday party.


After each film there will be a minute-long break, during which we invite the audience to complete scorecards. The cards go towards the scoring of the films and are sent directly to the filmmakers to provide insight into the audience's response.

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