Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival 2018 – Local Filmmakers Showcase & Networking

Local Filmmakers Showcase & Networking

Friday 20th April, 8.15pm - 10.00pm
@ UPLINK - 〒150-0042 Tokyo, Shibuya, Udagawacho, 37−18, トツネビル2F


Dir. Kazuhito Takazawa
Japan | 23 mins
Obuse, the smallest town in Nagano. The town planning of Obuse started about 30 years ago, with the idea of creating a comfortable space where the townspeople can enjoy themselves and building a town to be proud of.As a result, the deserted town in Northern Nagano transformed into a tourist destination, attracting a million visitors a year in a town with a population of ten thousand.This film is a documentary focusing on the fascinating and charming locals living in Obuse, including key players in the town planning. The way they live may be an inspiration for town planning in Japan and around the world.


Gekko Biin 13
Dir. Ryo Takahashi
Japan | 3 mins
This film set in Tokyo Japan 2017 in Blade Runner's World. I am inspired by Blade Runner (1982) and start my career of Filmmaker. Many people say Ridley Scott had been inspired by the landscape of urban Tokyo.So, I shoot all footage in Shinjuku and Shibuya rainy night in Tokyo, Japan. I try to represent "Japanese people's feeling" - which means our country has so many problems.For examples, Ultra-aging society and Stagnation of economy,etc.. - in our film. I think Urban Tokyo is similar to Blade Runner's dystopia World.


Dir. Eric McEver
Japan | 16 mins
A scientist studying the first human time traveller falls in love with her subject. But if her research succeeds they will become separated by eons of history. She must find a way to connect with him across the ages or lose him forever.


25 Years
Dir. Manuel Bovio
Japan | 7 mins
Rui, a Japanese salaryman, is stuck in a job he hates. He is a slave to his suit and rather faces the screen of his phone than face reality. Until one morning on his way to work, when his phone decides to give him a wake-up-call.


Dir. Artem Skiy
Japan | 2 mins
The first AI (Artificial Intelligence) did not have a specific location, rather it was spread through a global network of computers. The birth of Eve, a manifestation of AI in a physical human body, was not made in a lab, nor grown in a petri dish. Eve was born underground, deep in a utility level, constructed in the air from carefully rearranged elements.


Tokyo Water Dream
Dir. Danny Lane
Japan | 4 mins
A dreamer falls asleep to the sound of water and floats between identities in Japan.


All Alone in Kamiyama
Dir. Mile Nagaoka
Japan | 30 mins
Young urban creatives are drawn to Japan's rural town of Kamiyama, known for its pristine nature, fast internet, and welcoming locals, but not everyone is wrapped up in this rural renaissance. This documentary records six years in the lonely life of the local hairdresser, the elderly Satchan.


Through the Eyes of an Octopus
Dir. Philip Treschan, Akira Kawasaki
Japan, Germany | 16 mins
Takos everyday life lingers between work, home, and virtual spaces. Free from physical contact, he imagines a friendship with Noriko – a woman from the neighboring house next door. From his nightly observations, Tako develops an obsession with the unknown woman. Until one day Noriko‘s and Tako‘s ways crossing.

After each film there will be a 2 minute break, during which we invite the audience to complete score cards. The cards go towards the scoring of the films and are sent directly to the filmmakers to provide insight into the audiences response.

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