Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival 2018 – Shorts Programme 1

Shorts programme 1

Thursday 19th April, 7.30pm - 8.45pm
@ UPLINK - 〒150-0042 Tokyo, Shibuya, Udagawacho, 37−18, トツネビル2F


The Human Face
Dir. Aline Pimentel
USA | 14 mins
By giving meaning to each and every mark on his sculptures, artist Kazuhiro gives meaning to his own life. Experiencing what is behind every wrinkle of time on the human face, transforms a superficial mask into a window to the soul.


Dir. Mike Jackson
Canada | 17 mins
After more than a century, the toymaker's wooden boy is still alive, languishing in a ramshackle basement apartment. The Woodman's patchwork computer takes him online but for every lie he tells, his bramble of nose grows. Trapped in this cage, the Woodman searches for a true connection and a chance to finally be real.


Dir. Joschka Laukeninks
Germany | 8 mins
As a young child our protagonist is left by his mother and has to live with his violent father. He fights his way through adolescence and falls in love with the woman of his dreams and just as everything seems to be finally working out for him, a sudden event changes the course of his life forever. A story about how everything we love, everything we learn, everything we build, everything we fear, will one day be gone.


Mitaka Sumo School
Dir. Ruben Ventura Camacho
Spain | 8 mins
"Mitaka Sumo School" is a Documentary of a school of kids that practise Sumo near of Tokyo. Talks about the opinion of the kids of an millenial sport, that still is practised to transmit some values based in the respect and the no-violence.


5 billion years
Dir. Fouradoulas Thanassis
Switzerland | 6 mins
A small group attempts to reverse the established order using a machine that can only be connected to a single person. Resistants are not always the ones we believe.


Dirs. Leo Cannone, Thibaud Lomenech
France | 14 mins
For a moment, a strange phenomenon plunges the world In absolute silence. When the sound returns, several people Disappeared, caught up in silence. Lola, 30, will lose her companion Karl in these terrible circumstances.

After each film there will be a 2 minute break, during which we invite the audience to complete score cards. The cards go towards the scoring of the films and are sent directly to the filmmakers to provide insight into the audiences response.

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