Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival 2022 - Network Round Features

Tuesday 7th June - Tuesday 14th May


Dernier Soleil
Dir.Étienne Constantinesco
Logline: Somewhere in northeastern France. Eric, a little punk who lives in his car, rejects his 10-year-old son Esteban, who is autistic and living under the care of his uncle. Following another neglect of his father, Esteban is kidnapped by two thugs. Eric, upset, decides to do everything to collect the ransom. He then sinks into the depths of the city for a hypnotic and overheated trip in the hope of saving his son.


Dreaming An Island
Dir. Andrea Pellerani
Logline: What if everything stopped? If the wheels of the economy were to come off permanently? The Japanese island of Ikeshima is a place that seems to be ahead of its time, showing us a possible future. The few remaining inhabitants live in a surreal setting, clinging to a normality that seems however to escape them. A dreamlike journey, which forces us to think about our relationship with the planet but also about social isolation and loneliness.


Of Fish and Men
Dir. Stefanie Klemm
Logline: Happiness seems complete when Judith, her 6-year-old daughter Milla and her assistant, former drug addict Gabriel, get together on the remote fish farm in the Bernese Jura. But then Milla tragically dies in a robbery and the idyll is shattered.


Wanted: Shades of Life ft. Agnesmary Selvaraj
Dir. Sanadtkumar Ganesan
Logline: A woman falls in love with her passion for the art of Bharatanatyam. After 10 years of being aloof in her marriage life, she strives to help as many kids as possible who would normally never get a chance to dance on stage, here in the city of Klang, Malaysia.


Bad Luck
Dir. Jean-Louis Uzan
Logline: A trip around the world could be any one's dream, right? Except when one is a fugitive in the midst of an existential crisis, like me.
A schizophrenic Hollywood screenwriter who has seen to many movies is searching me for murder.

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