Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival 2022 - Network Round Shorts

Tuesday 7th June - Tuesday 14th May


Last Words
Dir. Joaquín González
Logline: A young woman receives a phone call and a mysterious man informs her she is going to die. They embark in a long conversation. The night unfolds in a desperate attempt to prolongue the call, in a need to understand and in a poetic search of last words.


Dir. Masud Akhond
Logline: Coming of age of the circumcision ceremony in rural Bangladesh, 7 year old Topu faces the horror of not being able to decide faith for himself. Running away from the ceremony, Topu is captured and lectured by his uncle and taken back against his own will. The trust in his immediate family is suddenly broken.


Lie Still
Dir. Ida Marie Meurs-Gerken
Logline: The film revolves around siblings Johanne and Simon who are enjoying their youth in Copenhagen with shared parties, shared friends and a shared apartment. Everything changes one night when Simon brings a girl home, believing that Johanne will sleep over at a friend’s house, and then ends up raping her with Johanne as a witness on the other side of the wall. This sends Johanne into the biggest dilemma of her life in which she must choose between helping and ‘saving’ one of the people she loves the most or standing up for the girl whose rape she unwillingly became the key witness of.


The little prodigy (Le Petit prodige)
Dir. Xavier Diskeuve
Logline: A young pianist finds himself drawn more or less willingly into a scheme of football players' agents...


Ground Control
Dir. Thor Zing Lodberg
Logline: On a night out in Copenhagen, Louie has a mental breakdown and wakes up in a psychiatric ward. It’s not the first time he has lost control but now his girlfriend Ville can’t take it anymore. Louie doesn’t understand that and sets out to save his broken relationship.


Dir. Paul De Cinque
Logline: Bloom tells the lighthearted comedic tale of Betty, an elderly woman whose rich inner life belies her seemingly conventional appearance.
The impromptu discovery of her 60's hit single and beloved, colourful scarf catapults Betty into a dancing reverie. When her daughter Greta sends a tactless gift, Betty's rebellious nature comes to the fore in an hilarious act of defiance.
Bloom is a celebration of life, age and dancing to your own tune!


MEDAMA (eyeball)
Dir. Anna Yamamoto
Logline: Once upon a time, an eyeball born from a tree embarked on a journey of adventures.
The eyeball never stopped walking in spite of the many challenges it faced.
Every time it overcame a difficulty, the eyeball came upon a beautiful scenery.
Presenting a story of the cycles of life depicted by fantastic creatures in a tropical land where time flows slowly.


New Year's Eve
Dir. Zeyingtai Steven Lyu
United States
Logline: In the morning of New Year’s Eve, the old man is writing Chinese calligraphy when he oversees a man in the suit talking to his son and daughter-in-law about selling the old courtyard house. As the dark falls, the family gathered in the dining room for dumplings. The old man’s last attempt to persuade his family that he prefers to live in the old house instead of migrating to America fails. Reveling in the nostalgic memory of lighting firecrackers with his departed wife and juvenile son, he decides to take his grandson to shoot off some forbidden fireworks as a commemoration for the lost time. Their secret plan is exposed when his son comes to call them for dinner. After a long moment on his own, he decides to proceed with his unlawful action and makes fireworks blooming in the s


Pancake Panic!
Dir. David Filmore
Logline: An errant pancake toss unleashes a whirlwind of unforeseen comedic consequences. Murder, mayhem, and maple syrup wreaks havoc for a group of strangers in a series of interconnected stories.


True Story: I Feel
Dir. Matthew Law
United States
Logline: A Black therapist attempts to persuade his patient, who has a history of violence, into saying how he feels.


Where The Rivers Meet
Dir. Libby Stadstad


The Confidant | International
Dir. Naved Ahmed
Logline: The Confidant is the story of a housewife who is constantly on her phone, chatting, comforting and sharing a laugh with someone. It is by revealing the recipient of all of these calls that the film shares an important message about mental health.


Goodbye my childhood
Dir. 光耀 李
Logline: A single parent child with a poor life and his secretly envious peers,the two little boys entered the barren mountains coincidently and launched an expedition together to seek the treasures of their hearts.


Download My Heart In The Metaverse
Dir. Mo Rebec
Logline:  It is the world's first music film based on the first global song about the Metaverse. The film takes the audience on a grand musical tour of the Metaverse. It's apart of the "Download My Heart" Series by, Hashtag Queens


Dir. Gwendoline Laurent
Logline: Ruby wakes up in a place unknown to her. She hums a rhyme without sounding realize, she doesn't remember where she learned it but the tune she hums reassures. This rhyme is also hummed by a stranger, whom Ruby will try to find. Her instinct tells her that she is the key to understanding where she is.

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