Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival 2024
Network Round Features

Monday 27th May - Sunday 2nd June

1. The Bangkok Job
Director/Writer/Producer: Clive Saunders
United Kingdom
Synopsis: A washed-up hitman and a safecracker on the run are the unlikely team hired to assassinate one of the most powerful gangsters in all of Asia —The Beast of Bangkok (he's called that because no one can pronounce his real name).

2. The Brother - Bong Thom
Director/Writer: Zaradasht Ahmed
Synopsis:Chana (36) lives in bustling Phnom Penh, running a music studio creating karaoke videos for YouTube. Being the older son of a family of farmers in rural Cambodia, he is bound to take in his younger brother Heng. Little Heng has no future at the farm, having lost both arms by a landmine.

3. The Gardener
Director/Writer/Producer: Derek Shimoda
United States
Synopsis: A whimsical immigrant forges a deep-rooted bond with nature when life gives him a bitter one.

Director: Francesco Jost
Synopsis: You are looking for Love! Rachele laughs at the stranger with whom she chats online. And she leads us to discover the only feeling she knows - the poisonous bond which unites her parents. In public they seem tenderly in love, but behind closed doors, it’s all possession fear submission pain. Rachele wants to be different, but can she really be so, when the only form of love she knows is violence?

5. Moses (English Subtitles)
Director/Writer/Producer: Fran Guijarro
United States
Synopsis: In San Francisco, a man enduring homelessness for two decades connects with passersby to be seen among the invisible, a skill he learned from a promising music career cut short in the 70s, and one that will ultimately transform his life.

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