Members Screening

Monday 22nd July, 9.00pm - 10.45pm
@ District 28, 28 Logan Ave, Toronto, ON M4M 2M8


A Proposed Solution
Dir. Todd Sandler
USA | 10 mins
Logline: When Drew fears his relationship could end, yet again, he agrees to a bizarre solution guaranteeing a "lifetime of happiness" with Steph.


Nun Habits
Dirs. Monica Arsenault & Sonja Cirilo
USA | 17 mins
Synopsis: April, a gay high school senior, and Sister Cecilia, a bisexual nun, begin an unlikely friendship after sharing a joint. April struggles with her sexuality as she continues to develop a crush on her classmate, Megan. Meanwhile, Sister Cecilia, determined to help April at all costs, attempts to reconcile her personal beliefs with the Church’s strict teachings on homosexuality.


God of Insects
Dir. James R. Cowley
Canada | 7 mins
Logline: When Harry, an obsessive compulsive entomologist, follows his curiosities into darker realms of practice, he gets more than he ever imagined in return: purpose.


No Curtain Call - Across The Board
Prod. MC2 Music Media
Canada | 4 mins
Logline: Produced, filmed and directed by MC2 Music Media, "No Curtain Call" is third and final single off ATB's "SONIC BOOM" album--released May 4th, 2018. The album chronicles the journey of a small-town girl dreaming of bringing her music to the big city. Written by front-woman Jacqueline Auguste, "No Curtain Call" describes the point in a musician’s career when no one seems to be listening, watching or paying any attention to their music; when a musician is faced with the question, “Who am I really doing this for?”


Baby Nick
Dir. Russell Reed
USA | 10 mins
Logline: Baby Nick is a film about two amateur fighters— both with their own reasons for fighting. One fighter, Sahar ‘Baby’ Nickolas, goes through the sudden, accidental passing of his daughter due to a drive-by shooting. While the other fighter, Kanu ‘Redman’ Abel is simultaneously dealing with his ill aunt that has Lupus— a potentially fatal disease. An aunt that took him in as a kid after he witnessed his parents murdered from a home invasion in his hood. Covered in other deep elements, this film will take you on an emotional roller coaster that will leave you not knowing who to root for by the time their fight comes. As products of their own environment, how will these fighters face life’s adversities and tests? More importantly, how are they connected?


Dir. Evgeniya Radilova
USA | 10 mins
Logline: This is a story about an accomplished elderly actor who grew too old for our modern fast paced life and on his way to receiving his final and ultimate life time achievement recognition, he gets swallowed up by it mercilessly. It is a human story about trying to age gracefully while being pushed aside by the next generation. It is the real human connection, that Patrik receives in the end, which is the ultimate reward we can all only hope for in this lifetime.


Tofu Scramble
Dir. Santana Doran
Canada | 5 mins
Logline: Tofu Scramble explores the inner workings of queer sex and the misconceptions that arise as a result of limited access to education, poor representation and lack of communication in the life of an 18 year old girl


Living Shame
Dir. Alicia Kafka
Canada | 23 mins
Logline: HEATHER, a busy career mom and wife deals with balancing the long and tedious hours of the film industry with her personal life. We follow Heather on her heart wrenching, lonely, and sometimes selfish journey towards sensual fulfillment. Heather becomes faced with an undeniable attraction to JAKE, her work colleague, and the shame she feels for wanting a man she spends more time with than her husband.


Strange Jealousy - Crøm-lus
Dir. Georgios Cherouvim
USA | 5 mins
Logline: The visuals of the video are generated algorithmically. Inspired by nature and the behavior of slime mold, a set of artificial agents react to the performance of the singer in an attempt to reconstruct the image and motion of the live action footage. Taking the lead from the lyrics, patterns emerge, evolve and shift between ambiguous shapes to the recognizable form of the two faces, an elegant interplay between synthesis, metamorphosis and decomposition of organic patterns and the human figure.



After each film there will be a minute-long break, during which we invite the audience to complete scorecards. The cards go towards the scoring of the films and are sent directly to the filmmakers to provide insight into the audience's response.

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