Vancouver Lift-Off 2016 – Shorts Programme 1

Shorts Programme 1

Monday 1st August, 1pm - 2.30pm @ Vancity Theatre, 1181 Seymour St, Vancouver


Finding Beauty in the Rubble
Dir. Paul Nethercott
USA | 2015 | 5 mins | Language: Japanese with English subs.
A Japanese woman creates a beautiful product line from the most unsuspecting of debris.


Another Place
Dir. Ian Nsenga
Canada | 2016 | 6 mins | Language: English
After the death of her mother from cancer, Naomi struggles to move on. She discovers an object drifted on a beach that transports her into an alternate world, where a war is being fought between women and a scattered union of men resisting extinction. A surprise also awaits for her one that ultimately changes her life.


The Stream
Dir. Claudia Fucigna
USA | 2015 | 10 mins | Language: English
When Blair, a young father who takes underground fights to support his family, learns of a brain condition that gives him supernatural visions, he questions his upcoming match against a Muay Thai champion.


Dir. K.S. Kuperis
Canada | 2015 | 17 mins | Language: English
30 years in the future, nanotechnology exists that allows you to alter your beliefs for a predetermined period of time. Marissa Carver, a non-violent pacifist with a strict moral code seeks to avenge the death of her wife Amy by using a specific Axiomatic device that suspends her moral convictions and seek justice for Amy - at the expense of her killer.


Dir. Phil Moniz
Canada | 2015 | 6 mins | Language: English
Drained from a long day, a long career, Detective Becket finds the prospect of dealing with a frozen homeless corpse more appealing than that of his weekly dress-down by his ex-wife. Shirking a promise to his young daughter, Becket seeks escape in the routine of the crime scene but is forced instead to listen to the grating chatter of the young, brash Officer Gerard. As the younger man chips away at his patience, Becket learns that there are certainly worse places to be than in the company of his loving daughter, and that the choice to avoid responsibility can have sour consequences.


Remembering Claire
Dir. Evelyn Pollock
Canada | 2015 | 4.5 mins | English
A man fights to hold on to his identity as his mind is ravaged by disease. From the tumble of recalled images forming his reality, a love story emerges.


The Outside In
Dir. Tristan Shepherd
UK | 2014 | 20 mins | Language: English
Norah is on the verge of womanhood and it’s not only her body that’s changing, but her perception to the world that she lives in, and the man that rules that world. As the outside closes in, Norah’s mind is opened to the possibility of a life beyond the house.

After each film there will be a 2 minute break, during which we invite the audience to complete score cards.

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