Vancouver Lift-Off 2017 – Shorts programme 2

Shorts programme 2

Tuesday 8th August, 6.15 - 8.30pm
@ Vancity Theatre, 1181 Seymour St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2E8, Canada


Still Waters
Dir. Coban Beutelstetter
France | 20 mins | Language: French with English subs.
After many years away, Alexandre decides to go back to his family house in the valley near a lake. He goes in search of the peace he once felt there as a child. But he is unprepared for the painful memories that haunt him on his return.


Blind Sushi
Dir. Eric Heimbold
USA | 17 mins | Language: English
A blind adventure writer and the first sustainable sushi chef search for enlightenment in the murky depths off the New England coast.


Bad Sheriff
Dir. Ben Bernschneider
Germany | 15 mins | Language: German with English subs.
A killer comes into a bar... What sounds like a joke isn't funny at all for an ex-police alumni turned vigilante-killer who planned to pick up his girl and then leave town forever.


Contractor 014352
Dir. Simon Ryninks
UK | 13.5 mins | Language: English
Real and imaginary worlds collide when a lonely data entry clerk reaches through his computer screen, in search of a genuine connection.


Dir. ShihChieh Chiu
Taiwan | 7 mins
This is the story of a teenager who discovers the strange and terrifying reality behind fundamentalism. Warped into an ultra-religious environment from a young age, his surroundings force him to adhere to a rigid and sometimes irrational world-view. He eventually succumbs to the madness, and lives consumed by guilt while devouring every crumb of false hope thrown at him from his religious community. One day he gathers the courage to leave his faith behind, and sees that human existence is actually a more nuanced experience than the black and white reality in which he grew up in.


Dir. Mariana Osuna Perez
Canada | 5 mins | Language: English
ONE is an experimental documentary exploring the journey of Sean Frost. Sean was 21 when he was convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison. A third of that time was spent in segregation. The film tells Sean’s journey after being released from prison intertwined with his narration of what it is like to be in solitary confinement. His challenges and struggles and realizing that sometimes freedom is just an illusion.


Nineveh's Burning
Dir. Lukasz Pytlik
Japan/USA | 4.5 mins
The song ‘Nineveh’s Burning’ is about a historical irony surrounding the preservation of humanity’s oldest story. The Epic of Gilgamesh was written on clay tablets thousands of years ago. In 612 B.C.E. these tablets were in the Library of Nineveh (modern Mosul in Iraq) when the city was sacked and razed to the ground. When the library burned, the tablets hardened, largely preserved because of the war. The irony then is a tale of wisdom preserved by an act of war. The film of the song explores this irony in an expressive and allegorical way.


Save Our Snowmen | A Film About Climate Change
Victoria Rainone
Canada | 3.5 mins | Language: English
More than 4,000 species of snowmen are threatened every year by climate change. In 2016 alone, large Avalanches of snowmen have been seen migrating thousands of miles away from their yards of origin to colder climates. With safe havens like The Global Snowman Sanctuary few and far between, we need your help to provide a cold shelter from the excruciating warmth. The planet can’t wait and neither can they.


Primavera Sound / James Rhodes
Dir. Bungalow
Spain | 2 mins | Language: English
Designed as a short film, this video display a recording audio of the classical music pianist James Rhodes, speaking about his favorite music memory.


Among the Dead
Dir. Eric Marcus Weglehner
Austria | 16.5 mins | Language: German with English subs.
Mortuary assistant Erich is trying to get his daughter Julia on the phone—without success. Attentively, he drives around the small town until he spots Julia and her friends on a girls‘ night out. An argument breaks out. They part ways. In order to reestablish a closer relationship with his daughter so as to help her understand the true meaning of life, he comes up with the idea to convey his world view to her, by giving her an antique ring of symbolic importance. When they make plans to meet, he wants to seize the opportunity to give her the ring. The film tells the story of a man, whose word view, narrow-mindedness and selfishness lead him into disaster.

After each film there will be a 2 minute break, during which we invite the audience to complete score cards. The cards go towards the scoring of the films and are sent directly to the filmmakers to provide insight into the audiences response.

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