Vancouver Lift-Off 2017 – Local Filmmakers Showcase

Local Filmmakers Showcase & Networking


Dir. Laurent Ma
Canada | 20 mins | Language: English
After an encounter with Cara, M starts to getting back the memories that’s been hidden deep down in his consciousness . when M realizes his “real” identity, he finds out that the world he lives in is a game that’s been specially designed for everyone in it, but whoever has broken the “rules” will be taken away to reboot, Cara has taken the risk to do so to wake M up from this illusion, but will he have enough time to recover and recognize her before they take Cara away and take away her memories once again?


The Last Day
Dir. Patrick Hodgson
Canada | 14 mins | Language: English
Two people on a first date make a pact to start something unusual.


Dir. Kevin Walker
Canada | 13.5 mins | Language: English
Love can happen when you least expect it, or understand it, literally. The exploration and hesitation of falling in love in today's dating age, with the addition of technology and the subtraction of language. A glimpse into Jen and Nate's first date.


Dir. David Lester
Canada | 13 mins | Language: English
In this poignant snapshot of the modern relationship, a dysfunctional night with his girlfriend challenges Jay to evaluate whether the rewards of intimacy and commitment are worth the complicated baggage that comes with.


Tilting at Windmills
Dir. Matt Gallagher & John Doherty
Canada | 13 mins | Language: English
Mauro discovers that just because he’s dying doesn’t mean he still can’t dream.


Good Hands
Dir. Lauren Vandenbrook
Canada | 6.5 mins | Language: English
A woman in the midst of heartbreak discovers what she's really missing.


Dir. Oliver Lessard
Canada | 4 mins | Language: English
Dépôt follows an artisan rentals clerk as he painstakingly handcrafts a rental order.


Cookie Cartel - Fiftyonefifty
Dir. Galactic Sons
Canada | 3.5 mins | Language: English
An animated music video for the song Fiftyonefifty by Cookie Cartel. A conflict between two humans, both dealing with their own dark obsessions.


Dir. Sagi Kahane-Rapport
Canada | 3 mins | Language: English
A short, surrealist animated documentary about a Syrian refugee attempting to escape the conflict in the Middle East.


Second Tier City
Dir. Matthew Moroz, Xia Han
Canada, China | 9 mins | Language: English
Everyone is familiar with term ‘Made In China’, and everyone knows many of the products throughout their house are from China but we rarely get to see where these products come from or hear from the people involved.


Farewell Fire
Dir. Scott Armstrong
Canada | 7 mins | Language: English
A woman troubled by a dark secret feels alienated from her tribe, and so sets off on her own journey in search for answers. Though she tries to leave something behind, it finds its way back to her. Can she escape this horrible feeling?


The Jackstones
Dir. Tim Riedel
Canada, Philippines | 7.5 mins | Language: English
When it comes to news about the state of coral reef worldwide, it’s rarely good. But something is happening on the northwest portion of Panay Island in the Philippines that defies this trend.

After each film there will be a 2 minute break, during which we invite the audience to complete score cards. The cards go towards the scoring of the films and are sent directly to the filmmakers to provide insight into the audiences response.

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