Tuesday 7th June 7pm

Tuesday 7th June

7pm @ Brenden Theater - Palms Casino Resort


Finding Beauty in the Rubble
Dir. Matthew T. Burns
USA | 2015 | Language: Japanese, with English subtitles
In Japan, a tsunami survivor turns beach debris into jewellery.


Another Life
Dir. Javid Rezai
UK | 2016 | Language: English
Jen lives in a world of abuse and finds solace in the stories that she writes. As her final chapter draws near, her perfect character Emma quickly unravels.


A King's Betrayal
Dir. David Bornstein
USA | 2015 | Language: Spanish with English subtitles
The final 24 hours in the life of a Piñata, as told from the Piñata's perspective.


Dir. Christopher Folkens
USA | 2015 | Language: English
KEVIN is a shy young man who, after being disowned by his family, battles the warring thoughts in his head while coming dangerously close to ending his own life. But when an unsuspecting friend shows up at his doorstep, he must face his past in order to change his life forever.


Dir. Christopher Johnson
USA | 2015 | Language: English
In the 4th Music Video from Award-Winning composer David Rosen's second album, An Unseen Sky, "Never" tells the story of love gone wrong. This dramatic and heart-breaking film by Free Your Mind Films' Christopher Johnson captures feelings that anyone in a relationship would never want to feel. It's a perfect match for the haunting, pulsating instrumental music as it builds to its thrilling climax.


The Outside In
Dir. Tristan Shepherd
UK | 2014 | Language: English
Norah is on the verge of womanhood and it’s not only her body that’s changing, but her perception to the world that she lives in, and the man that rules that world. As the outside closes in, Norah’s mind is opened to the possibility of a life beyond the house.


Dir. Tyler Wallach
USA | 2015 | Language: English
After school, Danny, an innocent 11 year old, retreats to his refuge, the frog pond. After catching a frog, he steps outside his comfort zone and ventures further upstream. It is here, in dark woods, that he comes face to face with the neighborhood bullies. They proceed to teach him a cruel lesson on the penalties of trespassing and kill his frog. Frog is a story of innocence, cruelty and triumph that focuses on Danny’s quest to seek justice.


Dir. Abel Bos
Belgium | 2015 | Language: Dutch with English subtitles
An absurd family portrait in which a Flemish family lives completely isolated from one another. The 10-year-old Leonora moved to a huge villa with her parents and piano teacher/babysitter Jan. Mother doesn't love her husband or child, while father is focused on pretending to have a warm, 'successful' family. Leonora is obsessed with her unloving mother and spies on her, while Jan discovers something unusual in the basement.


The Cross
Dir. Tobias Steiner
USA | 2016 | Language: English
A career criminal who is an estranged father aims to set things right with his daughter and granddaughter. In his effort to redeem himself, he turns to his partner in crime to pull off one last heist that he hopes will set his daughter and granddaughter up for life.