Actor’s Career Road-Mapping

Actor's Career Road-Mapping Workshops & One2Ones

Film industry career advice - tailored to actors looking to build their career within the independent film industry

The Lift-Off Global Network screens just over three hundred films per year. Our festivals have taken us all over the world into several challenging territories, and we have met some of the most incredible individuals along the way - securing deals for our filmmakers and giving their project(s) the best possible chance for distribution. On our journey, we always made sure to seek as much advice as possible, attending all of the major film markets, gaining invaluable information from the industry stakeholders and the incredible creatives we met.

Being based at Pinewood Studios, the home of James Bond, Star Wars and countless other blockbuster films, we find ourselves in a constant state of knowledge gathering and inspiration. It is a place that inspires the filmmaking souls within us. It has been our mission to be consciously proactive in gaining as much insight as possible from this incredible location and the ten years experience we have as actors, filmmakers and festival programmers. All these efforts come together, so we may pass on our insider know-how to form relevant film industry career advice to our beloved community. if you are an actor looking to get some career consultation apply today!

The workshops will split between group discussion and one2one's, with the primary focus on the following core principles...


1. How to grow your position within the film industry.


2. How to find work in the least obvious of places.


3. How to supplement your living with cognitive positioning.


4. How to meet the right people who will help you to grow as a performer.


5. How to manage your time within the industry and maximise your professional development.


Held at our base in Pinewood studios, these sessions are a great way to inspire and educate yourself on taking that next step as an actor. The sessions are free and applicants are considered from our Community+ members. Click on the button below to apply today.


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