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An actor’s road-map to ‘Lift-Off Community+’ membership

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Ask not what your industry can do for you, but what you can do for your industry!

Dear actor,

Imagine for a moment that you met a starting out film director whose work blew you away. A talented filmmaker creating art that you want to be a part of. A person with an ambition like yours, a person whom you share a creative connection. Somebody who you know would get the best out of you, respect you as an artist and get from you in return a similarly inspirational jolt that supplies boundless ideas and creative energy. This is the sort of relationship being a Lift-Off Community-Plus member could bring to you.

They say that the best jobs aren’t advertised, and professional relationships rarely blossom out of nothing. For nearly ten years the Lift-Off Global Network has held film festivals all over the world. We attract some of the best new voices coming through the independent scene. We have had two Oscar winners, plenty of nominations and our directors have been creating some of the most original and thought-provoking content around. From Tokyo to London, New York, Texas, Liverpool, Manchester, Los Angeles, Seoul, Vancouver, Toronto, Sydney, Melbourne, Berlin, San Fransico and Paris, we have found up-and-coming film directors all looking for the same opportunities as you.

The Lift-Off Community isn’t just a job site for filmmakers, and crew, it is also a hub where actors like yourself may join in the creative-conversation. As a member, you can provide feedback on projects, review 1st cuts, watch online festival content, read scripts that are available for option, build your network, engage with the active content, apply for acting roles the list goes on and on.

Within the Lift-Off Community, the opportunity for actors to meet film directors in order to find that very special creative connection is there. All actors need to do is click the link below and start asking yourself “what can you bring to help?”

Lift-Off is the launchpad for independent filmmakers, so join us and meet some just before they take off

See you on the inside,


The Lift-Off Community