The Most Common Filmmaking Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Posted on Film Industry Tips

SUMMARY: Nobody is ever really in control of making a ‘good’ film. Studios spend millions on projects and sometimes fail to make them ‘good.’ They don’t do this on purpose, they try their best but they fail. So what are the things that we can avoid? What are the things that make a film bad? […]

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Actor’s Career Road-Mapping

Posted on Actor

Actor’s Career Road-Mapping Workshops & One2Ones Film industry career advice – tailored to actors looking to build their career within the independent film industry The Lift-Off Global Network screens just over three hundred films per year. Our festivals have taken us all over the world into several challenging territories, and we have met some of […]

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Making the Most of the Lift-Off Network

Posted on Help

The Lift-Off Community is full of tools to empower the independent filmmaker. Here’s how to use the Lift-Off Global Community… It is an often made complaint that it is not what you know but who you know, that gets you ahead in the world. Once you realise this you can turn it into your strength. […]

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