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David Joseph: Lift-Off Filmmaker Interview

New York Lift-Off Film Festival Alumni

P.O.V ( Perception Of Violence) screened at New York Lift-Off Film Festival as part of the Local Filmmakers Showcase and Networking Event.  

After receiving a Special Mention Award, winning a screening at Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival our team caught up with emerging filmmaker David Joseph, to discuss the future and his experience with Lift-Off.


Interview by Claire Richardson and Natalie Daniels

What does the future hold for POV?

“The game plan is working towards doing the actual feature of the film. I’ve been putting energy into that. I have actually completed the outline for the entire film now which is exciting.”

“The initial concept for POV came from a true story. That’s what inspired the film. It’s so important because as recent as this week, 10 other officers were indicted in the case for a cover up. The film (and feature) shows the big picture of when an incident like this happens, all the people that are affected and how it destroys pretty much everybody’s family who’s involved and how. So you see that dynamic in the film.”

Were there any films in the festival that really stood out for you?

“Enemies Within definitely stood out for me. That film really moved me… the cinematography was really well done… the story was strong and the subject matter was relevant and topical to what is going on in the world right now.”

“Another film that stood out was Northshore, I thought that was also well done. I also really really liked Lola, and the other film I want to mention is A Beautiful Dreamer. I think it was a great concept with great cinematography.”

How have you found your Lift-Off experience?

“You provided me with a lot of information and resources. I think you guys really equipped me, from a perspective of marketing themselves. You guys also provide different information to get into different platforms, in terms of selling and generating revenue for your project.”

What does the future hold for you as a filmmaker? Are you working on anything at the moment?

“Well, I have two other scripts, that I wrote myself. One is based on the 2008 US election and everything that happened on that day that Obama was elected. The entire film happens over the course of one day. The film again deals with racial issues between all Americans. The other script is very close to me, the script has been in my head for about 10 years, and it’s a lot more light-hearted!”

P.O.V will be screening as part of the Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival at Raleigh Studios from the 7th-10th September.

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