A Boy, a Man and a Kite
A film by Adam Matalon

How A Boy, a Man and a Kite came to Lift-Off

A Boy, a Man, and a Kite, directed by Adam Matalon, was discovered by the Lift-Off team when they applied for a Members Screening at Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival 2019. Upon considering the film for a screening, the whole team fell in love with this beautiful and dramatic short story. We believe that Adam has an incredible future in the film industry and we are taking his work to TIFF with the aim of getting him greater recognition. Adam is also using this short as a proof of concept to develop a feature. We will therefore be looking for producers and sales agents to attach to his project.

About the project

A Boy, a Man and a Kite is a short film by Adam Matalon.

Synopsis: As he floats in the blackness of a coma, a dying man contemplates his younger self, struggling with and re-living the sexual abuse he suffered as a child at the hands of a school teacher. The boy’s parents seem oblivious as the boy encounters loneliness at a new school. As a scholarship student he feels shame and is left out until his housemaster makes a move. The two worlds eventually collide and the boy is catapulted to the future tearing his older self from the coma and bringing his perpetrator to justice.

The Director, Adam Matalon

Adam recently received a 2018 Emmy nomination “best digital drama” for producing Tainted Dreams (Amazon). He is in post-production for a feature documentary he is directing. In The Shadow of the Flag charts the journey of 16 military veterans finding home and tribe after war through the backdrop of dance therapy and a unique program with Diavolo Dance Theatre.

He spent several formative years in children’s programming and was a proud directors unit member of multiple Emmy winning seasons of Sesame Street. Bear In The Big Blue House, The Book Of Pooh and Between The Lions. His director credits include Seasons In The Valley narrated by Elliot Gould which was a winner of several festival awards during its run including "Best Documentary" Queens Film Festival and the horror feature Death On Demand, as well as directing numerous home DVD titles for Sony & Sesame Street and the award winning Jane Tuesday shorts, which he created, wrote and produced for the multi Emmy winning series. Additionally he has directed or produced several short films including Falling to Pieces, American Girl and Sex & Camping.

He is focused on real stories and is currently writing a feature script about African American transgender opera singer Breanna Sinclair and is thrilled to have been instrumental in shepherding A Boy a Man and a Kite for the last 2 years with collaborator Stephen Endelman.