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Selected projects for TIFF 2019

Selected projects for TIFF 2019 will be announced periodically until the closing date - 29th August. All type of projects from feature documentaries to early concepts will be chosen to be represented by the Lift-Off Team at TIFF 2019. Apply now for the chance to have your work brought to sales agents, producers, and distributors.

What's in store for successful applicants?

Successful projects chosen by the Lift-Off Team will be represented at TIFF 2019. We will be meeting with over 50 sales agents, producers, and VOD platforms to discuss selected projects for TIFF 2019 and open doors for our Network Members. Through our film festivals, we see hundreds of incredibly talented filmmakers who's work isn't seen beyond the festival circuit. This needs to change. Our aim is to build bridges between talented filmmakers and industry professionals to create relationships that can benefit both parties.

This is an effort which will go beyond just our TIFF initiative. We will also be running a similar application process for Mipcom and the American Film Market (AFM) later in the year and for Sundance and the European Film Market (Berlinale) next year. Again, this will be open to all Intermediate and Professional Network Members.

If you are unsuccessful for this selection, you will still have the opportunity to apply again for future film markets as well as receiving other benefits of the Lift-Off Network.


See the link below for more information on how to apply