Written by Jacqueline Marett

How Lucidae came to Lift-Off

Jacqueline Marett first came to Lift-Off through The Screenwriter Showcase where we quickly saw Jacqueline’s skillful writing and ability to create well-rounded characters and engaging stories.

LUCIDAE is Jacqueline’s second project to catch the attention of the Lift-Off team.

LUCIDAE puts an original supernatural spin on the standard sci-fi formula and
breaks generic conventions by focusing on powers of the mind rather than technology. We believe LUCIDAE ticks all the boxes for a suspense-driven sci-fi TV series which could gain a huge following from sci-fi fans around the world.

The LUCIDAE TV Series has been written to be inclusive of enthusiasts of other
online entertainment, such as the global gaming community.

We will be representing LUCIDAE at the Marche with the aim to get this gripping genre based script in front of the right people who can bring this project to life.

What the writer of Lucidae had to say

I always loved the exciting buzz you felt every time some new Sci-fi adventure film or series came out – the tantalizing glimpses in trailers hinting at something truly revelatory. But I was often disappointed when the core idea collapsed into horror or the moment of discovery was the end. I wanted to do something different with Lucidae. When not writing Jacqueline enjoys New Scientist, online games, running with her dog in the woods where she lives and cake.


Logline: A university student has vivid dreams of supernatural experiences on another world. She discovers that she is one of the Lucidae - lucid dream walkers: able to make a psychic connection with other beings on a distant planet. She will be called upon to master her newly acquired supernatural abilities to take on an evil that threatens the survival of an entire race.