Paris Lift-Off Winners 2017

Here are the winners...

Many thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s Paris Lift-Off. It was great to see so many filmmakers and film enthusiasts filling the Lucernaire, in support of both local and international indie film.

The judges' votes have been counted and added to the audience's feedback.

Huge congratulations to the filmmakers who screened with us, who all did themselves proud. A special well done to the following films.

Photos from the event can be seen on the Paris Lift-Off Facebook Page.

Best Short - One Man's Fortune (next screening with Lift-Off in Sydney)

Dir. Jeremias Nussbaum
Synopsis: A couple sees a therapist for the first time. When the therapist learns about their unusual problem, his world crumbles. Do we really know what happiness and misery are?


Best Short Doc - Kachach, above Zaatari (next screening with Lift-Off in London)

Dir. Bruno Pieretti
Synopsis: Inside the Zaatari Refugee camp, the Syrians keep waiting for an outcome to the endless war. Among the refugees, a community started to grow: the Kachach. Inside this camp that no one is supposed to leave, these traditional bird raisers made a strong come-back. Their birds brought a share of dream and freedom.


Best Feature - Caina (next screening with Lift-Off in Sydney)

Dir. Stefano Amatucci
Synopsis: A controversial and crude Film depicting the harsh reality of illegal immigration in Europe in general and along the Italian coasts in particular. Through a fictional violent disposal of the lifeless bodies of immigrants who do not survive the Voyage of Hope, the film presents a metaphorical vision of the cruel dark soul of xenophobia and deep racism. Not a gentle or condescending film but a real blow to the stomach for the degree of violence and inhuman behaviour that stems from hatred and fear of diversity.


Special Mentions


Kakkmaddafakka - Lilac (next screening with Lift-Off in Sydney)

Dir. Carlín Díaz
Synopsis: Two strangers spent a special day in Bergen. After that, with no way to contact each other, they will meet again in their memories

My Father's Land (next screening with Lift-Off in Sydney)

Dir. Muriel Aboulrouss
Synopsis: Mazraat Bani Saab is a village in north Lebanon. In this film,the elders of the village share their memories and love for the land as a last "Will" for the generations to come.

State of Emergency (next screening with Lift-Off in London)

Dir. Tarek Roehlinger
Synopsis: Omar is a soldier, securing an official building in Paris, he becomes paranoid because he can’t differ between the daily routine of a city and a danger of terrorism almost omnipresent.

Online Winners

Father (next screening with Lift-Off in Sydney)

Dir. Karim Kassem
Synopsis: How far would you go to retrieve your deceased father?.

RED (next screening with Lift-Off in London)

Dir. Min Reid
Synopsis:RED is based on a true story about a promise, love, dedication and devastating loss to Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease.

Season Awards Nominations

Best Best Music Video Nomination

Kakkamuddafukka - Lilac Dir. Carlín Díaz

Best Music Video Nomination

The Island - Darrell Lee HALL

Best Short Documentary Nomination

My Fathers Land Dir. Muriel Aboulrouss

Best Short Documentary Nomination

Kachach, above Zaatari Dir. Bruno Pieretti

Best Feature Live Action Narrative Nomination

CAINA Dir. Stefano Amatucci

Best Art Direction Nomination

WASTE Dir. Justine Raczkiewicz

Best Cinematography Nomination

Off Path Dirs. Julie Jouve & Rida Belghiat

Best Cinematography Nomination

Still Waters Dir. Coban Beutelstetter