Rocks that Bleed

A script by Bertie Gilbert

How Rocks that Bleed came to Lift-Off

Bertie’s first experience with Lift-Off was when his short film Stomping Grounds won Manchester Lift-Off Film Festival Online 2018, receiving a screening at New York Lift-Off Film Festival 2018. From there, the film picked up a Season Award nomination for Best Cinematography, and we got to meet Bertie at the event here at Pinewood Studios in January.

Whilst Bertie’s main aim is (of course!) to get this feature made, he is really keen to make more industry contacts and build relationships in the distribution and sales sectors. It’s a pleasure to be taking this fantastic concept/draft, to get it in front of industry professionals on Bertie’s behalf.

Rocks that Bleed

Logline: In a contemporary setting, how would one deal with the knowledge that in mere hours, the world is going to end? In times of trauma, relationships can be strengthened or broken beyond repair. Rocks That Bleed seeks to portray the full scope of this through an ensemble of diverse, layered characters.

The Director

Bertie Gilbert is a 21 year old director and writer, based in London. He serves as a pioneer for a new wave of young filmmakers, and was recently classified as one of the 'Five New Wes Andersons' by Dazed. In 2016 he was also part of the Dazed 100, a 'definitive list of creatives shaping youth culture'. His bleakly whimsical independent films are watched by a global online community of hundreds of thousands of loyal viewers.

His notable successes include short film Blue Sushi, which was funded by Google. The film earned significant praise both in the digital and linear world. In 2016 he created 'Let it Be', a short film amassing almost one million views on YouTube. In 2017 he co-created 'Playground' a film funded by Ron Howard's Newform Digital. In 2018 he completed his most recent short 'Stomping Grounds' starring Bill Milner which has garnered significant festival attention. He’s currently working on a docuseries and a short film for Channel 4’s Random Acts.

The Writer

Savannah Brown is the author of THE TRUTH ABOUT KEEPING SECRETS (2019, Penguin Random House UK) and GRAFFITI (2016), a self- published collection of poetry which was a finalist in the Goodreads Choice Awards.

Savannah grew up in a small town in Ohio and currently resides in London, England. When she isn't writing, she can usually be found watching conspiracy theory documentaries, making faces at her cat, or worrying.