Roles in Post Production



  • Edit the shots together into a coherent film
  • Work with the Director to make sure their vision is realised





The Editor will obtain the daily rushes of the film and put them into chronological order to create a rough cut. They choose each shot carefully to make sure the story flows from beginning to end. They work closely with the Director to make sure they are happy with each shot and how the film has been cut together. They assemble a Director’s Cut which will then be taken to the Producers to be approved before achieving Picture Lock.

Post-Production Supervisor

Post-Production Supervisors oversee the entire post-production process. They ensure that there is good communication between the producer, editor, supervising sound editor and mixers as well as any post-production facilities companies. They also stay in close communication with the Production Accountant to make sure the budget is kept to and all deadlines are met.


Colourists ensure that all shots in each scene match one another. They balance colour saturation and luminance from shot to shot and look out for any colour differences. They make sure that the images are consistent throughout the film. The Colourist also come up with solutions for any picture related issues.

Music Supervisor

The Music Supervisor will work with the composer, mixers and editors to create and integrate all the film’s music. Their primary responsibility is to liaise the recording industry and to negotiate the use rights for all source music used in a film.

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