Sydney Lift-Off Winners 2017

Here are the winners...

Many thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s Sydney Lift-Off. It was great to see so many filmmakers and film enthusiasts filling the Dendy, in support of both local and international indie film.

The judges' votes have been counted and added to the audience's feedback.

Huge congratulations to the filmmakers who screened with us, who all did themselves proud. A special well done to the following films.

Photos from the event can be seen on the Sydney Lift-Off Facebook Page.

Best Short - FOUND (next screening with Lift-Off in London)

Dir. Dave Christison
Synopsis: Ten years on, a father's relentless search for his daughter leads him to a remote farmhouse, three states away from where she went missing.


Best Doc - Right Between Your Ears (next screening with Lift-Off in London)

Dir. Sheila Marshall
Synopsis: Many people have a strong sense that their views are right and couldn’t possibly be wrong. So how do we come to hold an unshakable conviction and why is it hard to consider that we could be mistaken? Through the eyes of a group of people convinced that they knew the date of the end of the world, ‘Right between your Ears’ explores how people believe, how we turn beliefs into certainties, and mistake them for the truth. A stock trader with a young family, a philosophy student about to graduate and a retail manager who became so convinced she quit her job of 18 years. As they face the consequences of their conviction, neuroscience and social psychology offer insight into how we can become convinced we're right, even when we’re wrong.


Best Feature - The Ones That Stay (next screening with Lift-Off in London)

Dir. Loïc Paillard
Synopsis: Alexandre, a somewhat lost thirty-something, decides to start out in the professional world. Loris, his misanthropic roommate, works on a “universal method to succeed in life,” and Patrick, Alexandre’s father, decides to stop his chemotherapy. So far so good but it's not counting the arrival of Manon ...


Special Mentions


The Accomplice (next screening with Lift-Off in London)

Dirs. John F. Beach, Jon Hoeg
Synopsis: Arriving home from a long business trip, Jerry discovers a number of urgent messages on his answering machine from his impulsive and inept friend, Randy. Much to his surprise, Jerry is now an unwilling participant in one of Randy's boneheaded schemes.


Sandwich (next screening with Lift-Off in London)

Dir. Cheree Cassidy
Synopsis: An alcoholic seeks redemption from the man whose life he destroyed, leaving his own fate in the hands of those he wronged.


Citipati (next screening with Lift-Off in Berlin)

Dir. Andreas Feix
Synopsis: After being subjected to a cataclysmic meteorite impact, a small dinosaur attempts to battle the horrific aftermath both physically & psychologically. A tale about life, death & rebirth, told from a unique, prehistoric perspective.


The Wall (next screening with Lift-Off in Berlin)

Dirs. Nick Baker, Tristan Klein
Synopsis: Fleeing their city, a grandmother and her grandson reach a tall, endless wall.

Online Winners

Kells Ride (next screening with Lift-Off in London)

Dir. Elizabeth McLeish
Synopsis: Greg Kelly, a motorbike enthusiast who suffers from younger onset dementia is taking on the ride of his life to put a spotlight on this disease.


Dressed (next screening with Lift-Off in Berlin)

Dir. Sydney O'Haire
Synopsis: After her engagement collapses, Mags’ mourning is interrupted by her little sister, recently out and seeking Mags’ support at a Pride protest. With every day a reminder of her own failed relationship, Mags must decide what it means to support the people she loves.

Season Awards Nominations

Best Animation

Best Music Score

Citipati - Andreas Feix
Citipati - Andreas Feix

Best Feature Narrative

Best Music Video

Zelos - Jo-Anne Brechin
Kakkmaddafakka-Lilac - Carlín Díaz

Best Cinematography

Best Cinematography

Father - Karim Kassem
Heathen - Siobhan Mulready

Best Short Documentary

Second Tier City - Matthew Moroz, Xia Han