Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival 2021 - Network Round Features

Tuesday 6th July - Tuesday 13th July


La Flamme Rouge
Dir. The Maze Brothers
Logline: One traumatic night unravels the life of retired cycling champ, Rick Van Pelt (Balthazar Getty). Driven by paranoia and a waning sense of self, he invites his friend and top rider, Isaac (Sebastian Quinn) for drinks and some target practice at his lake-house. A drunken Rick uses this opportunity to confront Isaac who he suspects is having an affair with his fiance, Valerie (Nicole LaLiberte). The night takes a sudden and unexpected violent turn.


Mambo Man
Dirs. Mo Fini & Edesio Alejandro
Logline: MAMBO MAN is the story of a Cuban farmer and music promoter who gambles everything on a deal that appears too good to be true!
With music by the Buena Vista Stars. Based on a true story and filmed in the exotic countryside outside Havana, this remarkable and engaging film will move both your spirit and your feet with its unforgettable passion and intoxicating music. The soundtrack and live performances in the film include some of the legendary Cuban artists who appeared in the box office smash, Buena Vista Social Club.


The Sacred Woods
Dir. Abdallah chamekh
Logline: Many African villages in Ivory Coast are witnessing change over time, yet, "Latt", the spiritual master of the Boubouri village continues to adhere to teaching the customs and traditions of “the Celebration of the Generations.” His attempt to preserve his ancestors’ legacy takes place at a time when the youth of the village show indifference to these cultural practices.


Why We Fight
Dir. Jeremy Norrie
Logline: It isn't easy to have a successful career in combat sports. So why is it so common for athletes to train and stick with it when they face adversity? These three fighters from different disciplines tell their stories of personal struggle and how they have used martial arts to empower themselves and help others in the future.


Dir. Victor Baltazar
Logline: A small high school in Anaheim California with a rich history struggles to regain a foothold in their once dominant Football program. They step on the field with their brothers and play for one another. They're more than just a Football team, they're a family. What makes this the magical year


Delhi Dreams
Dirs. Yamini Deen & Christof Schaefer
Logline: Kusum, Vijay, and Rahul are scared of losing their homes. They live in Kathputli Colony, Delhi's largest community of traditional artists. Puppeteers, singers, dancers and daily wage workers from all over India live here. But the government has decided to demolish the colony and resettle the people in high rises. Kusum, Vijay, and Rahul soon find themselves at the center of a spirited and creative resistance movement against the government's plans. Simultaneously, they courageously pursue their personal dreams in a society that rejects them for their poverty, address, accents or gender. Against the backdrop of the impending demolition, the personal and the political merge more and more as the protagonists come of age in unexpected ways.


Oil Capital Underground: The Genesis and Evolution of Punk Rock in Tulsa-Late 70s to Mid 90s
Dir. Bryan Crain
Logline: Oil Capital Underground is a documentary about the underground punk/new wave/thrash scene in Tulsa Oklahoma, focusing on the late 70s up until the mid 90s. Going against the grain in the conservative atmosphere of the city formerly known as the Oil Capital of the World, bands such as Los Reactors, NOTA, Pitbulls On Crack, Bunnies of Doom, Baby M, Brother Inferior and many others struggled to make a name for themselves releasing their own music and playing local and national venues.

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