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Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival Online 2019

Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival Online 2019

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Crowd Round (the crowd round has now ended and the Members round has begun)

Please vote for your favourite and second favourite film by stating their titles in the comments section below. For example:
1) Example Favourite
2) Example Second Favourite

You MUST choose two films for your vote to be valid.

The top ten films from the social round will be promoted to our final round, where we will migrate the shortlisted films into our own Community Platform. From here Community Members and Lift-Off's Official Judges will go further in-depth and score the films based on multiple aspects. The film with the highest overall score wins and will be selected to form part of one of the live screenings at an upcoming Lift-Off Film Festival.

Rules: One vote per rental.
Crowd voting has now ended.

Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival Online 2019 is running tandem with the live screenings at UPLINK.
After the festival, these films will be removed from the public domain.

Please note: some supporters may be unable to vote. They just need to make double sure that they are logged into Vimeo using the account that they used to purchase the collection, that they clear their cache, restart their browser, or use a totally different device.
It can be a common issue that users are unable to leave comments, but if the above steps are taken this usually helps.

Members Round

Open to all Members of the Lift-Off Global Network. This final round decides which film(s) will be the overall winner and screen live at a Lift-Off Film Festival.