Toronto Lift-Off Film Festival 2019 Winners

Many thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s Toronto Lift-Off Film Festival. It was great to see so many filmmakers and film enthusiasts filling the screenings in support of both local and international indie films. The judges' votes have been counted and added to the audience's feedback. Huge congratulations to the filmmakers who screened with us, who all did themselves proud. All Toronto Lift-Off Film Festival winners will receive complimentary screenings at future Lift-Off Film Festivals. A special well done to the following films.

Photos from the event can be seen on the Toronto Lift-Off Facebook Page.

Festival Winners

Best Short Film

(next screening with Lift-Off in Amsterdam)

The Servants

Dir. Marwan Khneisser
Synopsis: A reclusive villa keeper and his family struggle to keep their dignity despite being subjected to humiliations by hedonistic guests who reunite at the villa to party.

Best Local Film

(next screening with Lift-Off in Los Angeles)

My Brother's Rifle

Dir. Adam King
Synopsis: A dark folktale of two brothers in tango and one sheriff in limbo clashing in the fictional, rural town of Gump, ON.

Special Mentions

Special Mention

(next screening with Lift-Off in Los Angeles)

Baby Nick

Dir. Russell Reed
Synopsis: Baby Nick is a film about two amateur fighters— both with their own reasons for fighting. One fighter, Sahar ‘Baby’ Nickolas, goes through the sudden, accidental passing of his daughter due to a drive-by shooting. While the other fighter, Kanu ‘Redman’ Abel is simultaneously dealing with his ill aunt that has Lupus— a potentially fatal disease. An aunt that took him in as a kid after he witnessed his parents murdered from a home invasion in his hood. Covered in other deep elements, this film will take you on an emotional roller coaster that will leave you not knowing who to root for by the time their fight comes. As products of their own environment, how will these fighters face life’s adversities and tests? More importantly, how are they connected?

Selected Screenplays

Online Winners

Yet to be announced...

Season Award Nominations

The Lift-Off Season Awards is an annual event which celebrates the very best of indie film. Following each Lift-Off film festival, films which have excelled in their respective category are nominated and invited to attend the prestigious Lift-Off Season Awards, culminating at the end of the Lift-Off season. Click here for more information about the Lift-Off Season Awards.

10 Seconds to Glory

Dir. José Alvarenga Jr
Synopsis: The history of the famous and poor Brazilian boxer world champion Eder Jofre, who tries to deal with his personal life and the obligations of a world class athlete, with the mentoring of his trainer and father Kid Jofre.

Nominated for Best Feature Live Action Narrative

Dominant Species

Dir. Joseph Sackett
Synopsis: A queer sci-fi about 10 aliens in human host bodies learning how to be men.

Nominated for Best Short Live Action Narrative