5 Acting techniques every Actor should know

Stanislavki system

At the start of the 20th Century this acting technique was developed in Russia by the Russian theatre practitioner Stanislavski. Stanislavski looked beyond physical and vocal training believing actors must go a step further and experience the character.This involves emotionally inhabiting a character in every aspect of their lives, making the character action subconsciously inbodied by the actor. The actor enters a physiological journey with character with a deep understanding of their motives for their actions.  As the system became more established it has become known at “Method of Physical Action” and is used in the rehearsal processes to create active analysis within in dramatic situations in which the actors must improvise in character.

One Actor who is known to use this acting technique was Lord Laurence Oliver

Lee Strasberg’s Method

The Lee Strasberg Method otherwise known as Method acting is the Stanislavki technique developed further. Actors are encouraged to take the character into their real lives and mimick a characters reactions and emotions to day to day activities. A Actor may take part in activities/jobs that the character may do and take part as the character. The Actor is then able to enter the emotional world of a character and develop a deep and intense understanding of characters outlook on situations.

One Actor who is known to use this acting technique is Daniel Day-Lewis

Michael Chekhov Technique

Michael was taught by Stanislavki and known as his favourite student. He went on to create his own, technique which involved the core beliefs of Stanislavki but for used more on the imagination of actors. His technique to explore psycho-physical acting was way before its time and isn’t just a effective for Actor but also asses energy itself. His technique tunes into actors minds and demonstrates a deep understanding of knowing what makes them tick. His technique looks into a individual actors acting processes and our ability to self destruct in different ways, breaking down a actor, leaving them vulnerable to the character.

One Actor who is known to use this acting technique is Jack Nicholson.

Meisner Technique

Meisner approach allows a Actor to “get out their head” creating a distance between the Actor and the character. They are able to leave their real lives behind and focus in on the character. Meisner technique is known for its repetition activities which involves the actors lose the significants in words and focus on the underlying emotions behind these words.

One Actor who is known to use this acting technique is Grace Kelly.


Stella Adler Technique

Adler’s technique main teaching is a Actor should always be doing. For example if a Actor is in a scene they should always be doing something even if that doing is staring at a wall. She believed that as our real lives develop and grow this should be inlined with our growth as a Actor. Similar to Chekhov, Adler believed it is import to heighten your imagination when acting and this is present within the techniques exercises.