Advice from the cosmos. An actors collection of videos that provide insight.

We ploughed the tube and found the gold.

Taking on advice seems on paper to be the easiest thing in the world to do, but if you're an artist worth your salt, which we are sure that you are, then you are probably creatively stubborn, and independent. Never are any of those qualities a bad thing, especially in a tough industry out to break the weak, but it is worth to note that others have been there before you.

Their advice, however vague and filled with lucky moments after lucky moments, can still be studied - and within each 'rags to riches' story, there are nuggets of golden advice.

Below are some useful YouTube videos we have found that we believe give some valued insights...
Actresses roundtable. Did you ever just consider giving it up?
Annette Bening, Natalie Portman, Amy Adams, Nicole Kidman, Helena Bonham Carter, and Hilary Swank sit down for an hour-long roundtable discussion, covering inspiration, unemployement and the realities of having to "get by".
George Clooney. You need tough skin.
This video is the from an interview with George Clooney for the show 'Inside The Actors Studio' with James Lipton. The fundamental take from this is that rejection is something all actors must get used to, and confidence is the key to building a formidable hide that can go on for years in handling the audition process...
Matthew McConaughey. I know someone like this.
This video discusses Matthew McConaughey's breakthrough role in the cult classic Linklater directed 'Dazed and Confused'. He reveals his interesting approach to improvising character, without ever looking at a script.
Helena Bonham Carter. I didn't go to drama school.
Helena Bonham Carter discusses the importance of work experince and her love of being 'other people' - "Prepare for a life of being self employed...Filmmaking is a privilege".
Casting Directors Roundtable. Actors are broken down into dollars.
A very candid and sometimes cutting to the bone collection of opinions and insights from five of America's top casting professionals. Juliet Taylor, Ellen Lewis, Patricia DiCerto, Laura Rosenthal and Jennifer Euston.
David Mamet. When a playright directs.
David Mamet wrote a book that nearly brought drama schools to their knees. Easily one of the most "actor friendly" writers in the universe, David Mamet shows how conflict may lead to great acting performances for both stage and screen.