Sound Department

Roles in the Sound Department

Sound Designer

  • Creating sounds effects within the film (e.g. explosions)
  • Creating sounds to generate mood and feeling (Diegetic sounds)
  • Manage the overall sound post production process



Sound Designers create the sound concept for the film. They create on screen action sound and identify what other kinds of sound effects are needed. Sound Designers sometimes also supervise the whole sound post production process.

Production Sound Mixer

  • Ensuring that all the dialogue or important sounds recorded during filming are clear
  • Recording pick ups and wild-tracks


They liaise closely with the Director, fine-tuning the exact details of each shot, suggesting creative improvements or alternatives. They supervise the logistics of moving the camera, and oversee the Camera maintenance work carried out by the Focus Puller and the 2nd AC.

Boom Operator

  • Positioning microphones during filming
  • Ensuring that microphones don’t get in the way of cameras or actors
  • Looking after sound equipment


Boom Operators work with the Production Sound Mixer by operating the boom microphone. When radio microphones are needed the Boom Op positions them correctly around the set, location or on the actor’s costume. Boom Ops must position microphones correctly to ensure the best quality of dialogue and sound effects are captured. They are also responsible for all the sound equipment, ensuring it is in good condition. They carry out repairs if necessary.


The Composer will write the musical score for a film. The mood of each scene will be discussed with the Director.

Music Supervisor

The Music Supervisor will work with the composer, mixers and editors to create and integrate all the film’s music. Their primary responsibility is to liaise the recording industry and to negotiate the use rights for all source music used in a film.

Foley Artist

The Foley Artist will create post-sync sound effects for the film. They create and record sounds in sync with the picture usually in quite creative ways.

The 2nd AS

Also known as a Cable Wrangler or Cable Boy, the 2nd AS is the assistant to the boom operator. They will move and prepare sound equipment when the boom op is watching or practising movements in rehearsals. They may lay down carpeting or sound dampening materials in a location with acoustic issues. Often the 2nd AS is required to operate a second boom in a busy scene or one where actors are far apart.

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