The Fish out of Water

A film by Josh Brine

How The Fish Out of Water came to Lift-Off

Looking for the further opportunities out there with this project (with a feature/ episodic content in mind), Josh became a member to apply for our representation. Using the Professional Membership fee waivers, Josh also submitted to Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival, which the judges on that panel were also extremely impressed by, and so we are very excited to be screening the short live at UPLINK at the end of the month in Japan!

Josh hopes to turn this short into a feature length in the near future.

The Fish Out of Water

Directed by: Josh Brine

Country of origin: USA

Runtime: 17 minutes

Synopsis: Infuriated by his mindless desk job, Charlie sets out to quit, only to be stopped in his tracks by his personal inability to take a risk. After much prodding from an annoying roommate and a growing fondness towards a co-worker, Charlie must decide if he can muster the strength to actually put himself out there, despite the outcome.

About Josh Brine

I'm an Australian Writer and Director based in Portland, Oregon. I wrote and directed my first short film in 2018 called The Fish Out of Water which won the Audience Choice Award at the 2019 Manchester International Film Festival and Best Oregon Short Film at the 42nd Portland International Film Festival. I have also directed music videos for Blitzen Trapper, Frankie Simone, and Dear Nora. Including commercial work for brands such as Facebook, Nike and Lyft.