Lift-Off Seals Distribution Deals for Indie Filmmakers


Matthew T. Burns started his Lift-Off Global Network journey with a breakthrough screening at Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival. Winning a Best Short Documentary prize for his first short 'Finding Beauty in the Rubble'. As a director with an extremely interesting past, his next work was an autobiographical docu-drama about his dark days as an extreme entertainment performer for Combat Zone Wrestling.

Lift-Off saw keen market potential in the documentary so we took the content, packaged it and introduced it to market at last years AFM.

The film is now available on multiple platforms and is doing great via Amazon Prime.

Lift-Off has a clear and transparent distribution initiative where every deal favors the filmmaker and all avenues are fully approached.

If you would like to have Lift-Off represent your content, concepts or scripts at all of the major film markets simply subscribe to our platform and apply via the forms on your Community Gold dashboard. We will be in touch.

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