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Our dream of creating a high-value, all-encompassing, subscription-based multi-service platform, purely designed for indie filmmakers, screenwriters, and content creatives, is finally here.

We wanted subscribers to be able to pay one yearly fee and with that have access to everything...

We set out from the very beginning to build a community within the film industry that could help each person within it to launch their own career. We knew this community had to be global. We knew it had to have connections with old methods and new. That it needed to be as much offline, existing inside the real world, as it had to be online too. We knew it had to be updated in real-time, highlighting opportunities like industry based jobs, local and international funding schemes, production support, legal forms, and an industry calendar. We wanted subscribers to be able to pay one yearly fee and with that have access to everything, submissions across everything: jobs, tickets to our festivals, creative content, options to judge our work, opportunities to receive production support and bespoke one to one career guidance.

We put our five-year plan into action and we set about learning as much as we could, from building festival programmes, collecting audience data, learning about all the many intricate nuances within distribution, film marketing, and PR - with the sheer goal of passing it on to the filmmakers within our network. to all and where talent is nurtured, ambition is encouraged and doors are opened.

Our platform had to be something built around excellent value for money, with a real film industry focus, and with the flexibility to constantly evolve according to market and creative pressures. Through years of analysis and the implementation of a carefully considered approach, the Lift-Off Community Platform was born.

There is no other community like this anywhere within the film industry - yet it is so badly needed. A community filled with independent filmmakers that is open to all and where talent is nurtured, ambition is encouraged and doors are opened.

At present we currently have eleven city-based festivals spread all over the world. These events are professional screenings in great theatres, attracting reviewers from the industry and beyond. Alongside each festival is our Vimeo On-Demand Online Film Festival, where we extend our screening capabilities to the internet within a secure environment but giving our filmmakers who weren't selected for the live screenings a deserved/extended chance.

Additionally, we also have six showcase events held at our world famous film studio headquarters, Pinewood Studios. These showcases are separated into first-time filmmakers, documentary filmmakers, screenwriters, animators, and new media. At these events, we screen and introduce the content creators to our industry based friends - RED, Rotolight, Sony, Avid, Kodak, and many more, all with the aim to network and build contacts.

Our four Genre Labs are a fresh addition too. We use our growing presence within the industry to build links between highly accomplished and experienced professionals and new filmmakers interested in Comedy, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror genres.

Our Community Platform Gold membership aims to encompass everything within the Lift-Off Global Network for a yearly limited time subscription offer of $89.

To fully understand the value this yearly subscription offers, here is a brief monetary snapshot of all of Lift-Off Global Network's services without the subscription...

Click here to sign-up to Community Gold Membership today.

I had such an amazing experience. The lift off team are very special, so supportive and genuinely awesome people. I would highly recommend this festival to any first time filmmaker!!”

Chris Overton – Season Award and Academy Award Winner

…I can honestly say Lift-Off is one of the most welcoming, supportive and filmmaker friendly festivals I have had the pleasure of being part of. They have a strong focus on film marketing and the winners of each festival are taken on a worldwide tour of their other festivals… No other festival offers that kind of global platform...”

Tristan Shepherd – Lift-Off Season Award Winner & Network Judge

A great group of people work so hard to make Lift-Off such an amazing film network for filmmakers. They really do care.

Adam Losurdo – Lift-Off ‘Globally Screened’ Filmmaker

We have never felt more fortunate than to be an official selection of the Lift-Off Film Festival. The atmosphere at a Lift-Off event feels like you have been transported back to the days when Sundance was actually all about independent artists and filmmaking.

Brahm Taylor – Lift-Off ‘Globally Screened’ Filmmaker

“…We’ve already had other festival selections (outside the Lift Off Network) as a result of the attention the LA Lift Off screening generated…The screening facilities were fantastic, rarely has our film looked so good on the big screen.”

Shelia Marshall – Lift-Off Season Award Winner

Lift -Off is an exciting and lovely company who are really there to help up and coming filmmakers…

Sophia Carr-Gomm – First-Time Filmmaker Showcase 2018