Sound Department

Top Film Soundtracks and Scores

A gripping score has the ability to not only enhance the visual art form of film, but heighten the impact that the film has on its audience’s emotions. Making the score and soundtrack is a vital ingredient for every filmmaker to utilise.

Every film is a fragile construction, with every frame carefully built: the lighting, location, actors, and writing all conveying emotions. However any movie goer will know and understand the power which a good score or soundtrack has over them. Whether it leads them to being reminded of a scene from the film when they hear the song in another environment, or triggers the emotion intended when watching the film.

Here are some of the top film soundtracks and scores for inspiration:

Blade Runner

The Wizard of Oz


The Graduate

High Fidelity

Saturday Night Fever

Pulp Fiction



2001: A Space Odyssey

Billy Elliot

Back to the Future

The Nightmare before Christmas

Baby Driver

500 days of Summer



American Beauty

Gone With the Wind

West Side Story